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Check it out, the Karate Kickin Dwarf is in the local newspaper. Click here to read the article.


Blog Post: Break the Fall: Self-Defense doesn’t always mean you are defending yourself from an attacker. Sometimes your surrounding can be just as deadly.


finding-doryBlog Post: Dealing with Misconceptions when it comes to martial arts. What can Dory teach us about situational awareness?

i know jujitsuBlog Post: Practicing martial arts can help you gain self-esteem. Check out how jujitsu helped me get my groove back. Woah, I Know Jujitsu

Karate-Talk-Logo-smallNew section added to the website: Karate Talk
Click here to check out the interview with Brandon Ryan from Adaptive Defensive Methods.

IMAG0691Blog Post: Read about the day to day and what is like to be a dwarf out in town or at work. Here I discuss some of the frequently asked questions I get from kids and even adults when I am out in public. Mommy, why does that boy have a beard?

15 Minutes of Fame Series

Part 1 of 3: My National Debut that Almost Didn’t Happen

Part 2 of 3: My Debut on National TV.

Part 3 of 3: The Front Page

Photo taken by Mike Keller 2001   533069_2839876414646_93588497_n   388957_2088445389340_1211720741_n

Dwarfism Resources:

For people who are interested in u dwarfism, here are a few links.

Little People of America
LPA National Conference
Understanding Dwarfism
Dwarfism Athletic Association of America
Diastrophic Dwarfism (that’s my type of dwarfism)

The Karate Kickin Dwarf:

Moments after I got my orange belt in jujitsu class.

Karate Kickin Dwarf shares fun and inspiring stories about practicing karate and jujitsu through the eyes of someone with a disability. Read along as you hear about the misadventures of Larry a 3 foot tall dwarf as he takes on life challenges such as sweaty opponents, the carpet, and average height daughters who like average height boys. More than that though 3 feet worth of action, hilarity, and life lessons are packed into the stories, interviews, product reviews, and guides. So come on in and enjoy a game of dwarf tossing where instead of you tossing the dwarf, the dwarf tosses you!

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18 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Hi Larry, just finished reading all your posts, love your writing! I feel our youth had a lot in common…thought I was the only person who remembers Don the dragon Wilson!! lol!

    I’m very much looking forward to following your blog, Great stuff!

    1. A few people have looked at me quizzically when I mention Don the Dragon Wilson. I can remember being a boy and mom telling me that karate movies was on and it had Don the Dragon Wilson or Cynthia RothRock.

  2. Hello Larry, great blog thanks for the follow on twitter, look forward to sharing and retweeting our martial arts journeys, I am shodan 1st dan black belt in Karate and also instruct in my own dojo in our own style, also I’m totally blind, renal transplant patient with diabetes. Good day to you sir and all the best from the blind Sensei Mark Brown in the United Kingdom.

  3. Hello Larry, good to hear from you and I too think your blog is a great idea. I will pass it onto some of my adaptive martial artists. I am sure you will be an inspiration to them and other Karateka. I still hope we can get together sometime soon.

    1. Nicholas DiTirro, Ph.D.

      Jeff, I know its been over twenty years (I worked for S&R Micom), but if you remember me, I would love to touch base with you.

      Outstanding, website/blog. We need more people in the Martial Arts that understand that the true Warrior is from Within.

  4. steven dechristopher

    this is great, we are average height parents of a 5yr old lp girl. she is very althletic not sure which activity to start her in, we are thinking jijitsu, soccer and gymnastics.

    1. I am glad you like the web site. I am hoping it has helped you answer any questions you may have asked. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have anymore questions.

      Do you mind if I make a suggestion? As a father of 3 girls I would let her try all 3 activities to see which one she likes the most. Make sure you find a coach or an instructor who is willing to work with someone that is a dwarf. In my earlier years wanting to take karate I had instructors turn me down. I was limited on what I could compete in when tournaments came into town. What ever you do, do not let these things discourage her. Remind her everyday she can do anything she sets her mind to.

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