Weapons of Opportunity

I have mentioned before in the Way of the Gun that carrying a firearm would not be advantageous for me. My arms are not long enough to keep the slide of the gun from coming back and smacking me in the face. I love guns and I find them fascinating. However, I am in the mindset that a gun will not always be around when one is needed. What if I am in an area that has a strict no gun carry policy? I am also 3 feet tall so keeping a gun down at a level so I can reach it would not be a good idea since I have children in the house. So chances are a gun would have to be kept in area high above out of reach of my children and ultimately mine too. In the event of a situation, there are other weapons I can utilize besides using a gun. There are many everyday objects that make great weapons. A broom handle makes for a good bo-staff. Rolled up magazine would be a good kali stick.

In my last post, I wrote a brief history of my experiences in attempting to use traditional martial arts weapons. A weapon such as the bo-staff is easy for me to use provided that I am not doing a traditional kata. A bo-staff is a practical weapon and easy to use. Bladed weapons were fun to practice with once I found the knife I could hold in my hands. Though there are not many classes provide extensive training for civilians in my local area. I have attempted using kali sticks but didn’t work out too well for me because my hands cannot fully grip the sticks. However, the art of kali has given me insight to possible non-traditional weapons that could be used for self-defense.

Dressing Stick
Sock Aid

As a person who has a limited reach, I use a variety of assistive devices. Devices such as a dressing stick to help me with pulling up my pants. Dressing sticks have push and pull hook system on one end and another regular but small hook on the other. The stick is usually a half inch to ¾th of an inch in diameter. Easy for me to get a firm grip on to use and pull in an upward motion or push in a downward motion. I use a sock aid device for pulling my socks onto my feet.

Over the years, I have been using the dressing stick for a variety of other applications throughout my house other than helping me pull on pants and socks. Since the stick is about 2 feet long, this will reach the majority of the light switches. If there is a salt and pepper shaker in the middle of the table, no worries, I use my stick to pull them closer. It is good for helping me pick various objects off the ground.

I have been watching videos from Funker Tactical’s Doug Marcaida and I have realized that there are a ton of everyday objects that make good weapons (see below). After watching these videos I began thinking about my environment and the potential weapons in my immediate surrounding. For example at home the dressing sticks and the way the big hooks are shaped look like Kama’s or another type of kali stick. I imagine if done right the hooks can be good for hitting pressure points or for pulling someone’s foot out from beneath them. Worse yet, groin strike something similar to Master Ken’s Eagle Claw (see below). The downside to the dressing stick is that the ½ inch to ¾ inch diameter stick will break easily if too much pressure is applied. However when they do break, there is a jagged point that could be used for stabbing. The sock aid would make for a good chain whip, or a garrote assuming I can get it around my assailant’s neck. I have watched some of Doug Marcaida’s videos on how to use the scarf has given me some ideas on other uses for the sock aid.

Using everyday tools and objects as weapons is something that martial artist was proficient in. Weapons such as the kama’s, nunchucks, bo-staff, sectional staff, tonfas, and sais were all farm tools. Farmers used their tools as a way to defend themselves. Now these days the once used farm tools are taught in martial arts classes. I will admit they are fun to learn about and to use. But are they practical in today’s non-agrarian society? Unfortunately, we can’t walk down the street with a sword strapped to our side. The only ones who can really use tonfas are law enforcement officers but even they use a weapon that is easier to conceal – the telescoping baton. Most people don’t carry an ore unless they are near water and going to a boat. A more practical of all the martial arts weapon is the mop or broom handle.

In today’s society, people carry knives and or maybe a gun. Most people do not get sufficient amount of training to wield either. I love bladed weapons and guns but I consider worst case scenario when it comes to either. What if you are in an area where a gun or a knife is prohibited? What do you use then, your selfie stick? Car keys? iPhone? What could you use if you need to defend yourself and running a way isn’t an option?

I am interested in hearing or reading what other practitioners and people with disabilities use for weapons for self-defense. Are there any disabled people who have figured out to use their assistive devices for self-defense? If so care to share some of your techniques?

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