Disaster in West Virginia

Bruce Lee once said, “Water can flow or it can crash.” Water began crashing on Thursday, June 23rd and 24th the town of Clendenin and several locations throughout West Virginia. Inside Clendenin on Main Street, there were two dojos that suffered a severe damage, Dento Bushido-Kai Martial Arts, and Elk River Boxing Club. Both of these dojos have played a major role in my martial arts training. I am reaching out to my readers and fans to share with you about the devastation these dojos have suffered and the people of Clendenin.

Elk River Boxing Club is working to restore the gym and is planning to reopen. Elk River Boxing is accepting donations. Click here for their GoFund Me page. Dento Bushido Kai is closed until further notice. If you would like to donate any equipment to either of these wonderful organizations it would be greatly appreciated. You can contact me at KarateKickinDwarf@outlook.com and I can get you in touch with the owners. Or if you would like to donate to all of the flooding victims click here at www.wvflood.com


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