A Kick of Confidence

Over the years people have looked at me and they are like “wow, he has all of these obstacles in front of him but he gets out there and still does it. I wish I could do that and I am average height.” Anyone can practice karate, jujitsu, or any style of martial arts. Anyone can do anything; it is all about the mental attitude and believing in oneself.

Ok, ok – to be honest I never realized I had obstacles to overcome that should have kept me from practicing karate. I always considered those to be the bodies of my vanquished opponents littering the floor.

I will tell you this much – I have had my moments of not being confident in myself as a martial artist. It happens to everyone. Confidence or a positive mental attitude helps when practicing martial arts. The ingredients are: be in the right frame of mind, belief in yourself, and have fun.

Practicing martial arts requires being the right frame of mind. At the classes I have attended whether my own class or visiting a class we have always taken time to clear our thoughts to help us focus. Don’t go into class being excited, sadden, or upset over something that happened at school or at work. Do not be scared or be cocky. Any of these mental states of mind can lead to not being focused or not paying attention. Not paying attention can lead to getting hurt or missing out on critical information. There is nothing like watching a white belt walking into someone else’s axe kick and getting a black eye. Better yet missing that critical information about how you should not be jumping rope barefooted on a tile floor.

Do not worry about what people might think of you or think you look like while practicing. Maybe they are just as insecure and are having the same thoughts of “Are they staring at the way I throw my kicks? I feel silly.” Focus is the key thing here. When practicing karate you are the only one in the room and no one else exists. Not even the guy jumping rope barefooted on tile floor and breaking his foot. Not even the white belt walking into an axe kick as he making his way to aid the guy who just broke his foot jumping rope.

Practice martial arts because you want to. You will have more fun and it will be easier to meet your personal goals. By meeting your goals you will build confidence. Confidence in yourself will allow you to overcome any obstacle. Even if that means the obstacles are the bodies of vanquished opponents. The opponents you were unaware of such as the one walking into your axe kick or laying on the ground in pain from jumping rope barefoot on tile floor.

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