About the Karate Kickin Dwarf

Moments after I got my orange belt in jujitsu class.
This picture was taken moments after I received my orange belt in jujitsu class.

My name is Larry. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a dwarf. Another appropriately used term is “little person” or “LP” for short. I have been practicing karate for 16 years now and jujitsu for 2 years. I have a second degree brown belt in karate and a purple belt in jujitsu. When I first started practicing martial arts I felt compelled to share my experiences and knowledge with my friends, family, and eventually other little people or handicap people. When I started practicing jujitsu I decided I would find a way to share my experiences.

The idea of this blog stems from a plan to develop a publication relating to martial arts and events for the state of West Virginia. In that publication I would have featured articles relating to handicap people and martial arts. After a few months of brainstorming I decided I would create a blog that focused on my experiences and adventures instead. I figure I would write about what I know best. I know a lot about me. I have spent 34 years with me. I also know a lot about my style of karate and jujitsu. I figure this would be a better place to share articles of other handicap people and little people practicing martial arts.

I plan to keep my blog posts light hearted and entertaining. I have a list of stories I plan to share from time practicing martial arts. I plan to show how karate and jujitsu has benefited me. I WONT use this blog to say one style is better than another. I have never cared to listen to people who think they practice a superior style to someone else. As Master Chotoku Kyan once said “…never brag about your karate…there is always someone better than you.”

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