Welcome to Karate Talk with the Karate Kickin Dwarf. This is a new section of the website I decided to put together because I enjoy sitting around with friends and talking about martial arts. I have decided to reach out to various martial artists that have inspired others to start training. I want to hear from them why they got involved in training, hear some of their entertaining stories, and examples of real-life situations they have experienced. Stay tuned and watch for future episodes.

Episode 03 – Knife Review
In this episode, I try a new format; vlogging. I also review some knives I have received.

Episode 02 – Budo Brothers
I talk with the founders of the Budo Brothers. The Budo Brothers provide a variety of products and offer a magazine fit for the martial arts lifestyle. In this episode, we talk about how they got started and their mission in life. Join me as I talk with Erik Allan and Kyle Mohadeo.


Episode 01 – Adaptive Defense Methods
We talk with Brandon Ryan from Adaptive Defensive Methods. Adaptive Defensive Method is an organization that focuses on teaching disabled people how to defend themselves.

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