Kumite with Butch Hiles Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Kumite with Butch Hiles. Last week we looked into Butch’s morning routine and what inspired him to practice martial arts. This week we are going to see how Butch feels about listening to Taylor Swift while working out at the gym. What does a fighter such as Butch Hiles watch on TV when he is relaxing? What does one read to become a better-rounded warrior?

KKD: What style(s) do you practice?

Butch: I try and train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 2-3 times per week. I also still come in and hit the mitts and do some boxing/kickboxing drills a couple of times a month. When there’s time, I try and train Krav Maga once a week as well. However, I am actively teaching self-defense and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the most. Currently, I have lost interest in training people in MMA or stand-up fighting so all of our other coaches handle that.

I teach privates in boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, self-defense, BJJ, and more. In fact, I have gotten so busy that most of our other coaches have had to take over most of the private lessons.

KKD: Why those styles?

Butch: I find the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu workout is one of the best that there is. I can burn up to 1000 calories in just an hour of BJJ, so I truly don’t think there’s anything better for me than that. I also like the fact that you can truly never stop learning in BJJ. It’s human chess at it’s finest.

To be well rounded in street self-defense, and to mix the workouts up, I still train Muay Thai, boxing, and Krav. In my personal opinion those are the most effective for real life scenarios. Boxing and kickboxing will help with the long range things, Muay Thai, Krav, and BJJ will help with the clinch, and BJJ will take over on the ground.

When training for self-defense purposes, I like that martial arts where we have the opportunity to go as hard as we can with a resisting opponent to see if it works. Now-a-days, I find that too many martial arts do scripted moves or spar so light that you don’t even know if it works. I don’t want to be told a person could do something. I want to see them do it. I am usually very skeptical of the people who just want to tell you they could have did this or that.

KKD: Wow, you can burn 1000 calories in one hour with BJJ! Sounds like an intense weight loss plan.

KKD: Do you listen to music when you practice? If so what type? Why?

Butch: Occasionally on open mat days we will have Metallica radio playing on Pandora. I feel like this keeps the energy up, but really we will let people play just about anything but slow romantic music. There’s nothing worse than seeing to guys rolling around together on the ground to Taylor Swift music.

KKD: That would be an image hard to Shake, Shake It Off.

KKD: Do you have a favorite TV show or movie?

Butch: I am a bit different in that fact that I live my life by not having a favorite anything, that includes sports figures, teams, shows, etc. However, there are quite a few things that my wife and I watch or watched. Currently, we are watching the Blacklist and the Walking Dead. We also binge watched the Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad to name a couple recent things.

I like all sorts of movies and ranges all over the spectrum from Bloodsport to the Matrix to Wedding Crashers. Really, my wife and I are both all over the place on things like that.

KKD: I think Blacklist could use some Krav Maga. A few months back I went on a binge watching all a bunch of Donnie Yen movies. I picked up a few more Donnie Yen movies while visiting a martial arts movie only store at a mall in North Carolina.  

 For martial arts action in a TV series I would like to recommend DareDevil. I will warn you, it is very violent but I really enjoyed the action sequences in the show. Marco Polo is another show that has good martial arts scenes.

KKD: Read any good books lately? What book would you recommend for a fellow martial artist to read? Why?

Butch: Unfortunately not. I was reading a lot of autobiographies on coaches and athletes and figuring out what made each of them successful. I’d prefer to read something that I can learn from when I have the chance, rather than a story.

On a purely martial arts stand point, some of the books I would recommend are “The Gracie Way” and a couple of books on the history of MMA. The names escape me but they have some really good back stories of the guys in the early UFC’s, etc. I have read the Tao of Bruce Lee and some others as well.

KKD: I have a few books on the shelf I plan to read. Most of them are history books. Ninja 1000 Years of the Shadow Warrior is sitting on my nightstand waiting for me. I can put away an audiobook faster. Recently I listened to a Brief History of the Samurai. It is a good book but it can be dry. You will probably come away with a different outlook on the samurai culture afterwards.

KKD: Be sure to tune in next week for Part 3 of the interview with Butch Hiles.

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