Kumite with Butch Hiles Part 4

Welcome to the finale of Butch Hiles’ interview. Last week we looked at the challenges Butch and other martial artist faced when seeking to legalize MMA in West Virginia area. This week we look at the strategy Butch may use if and when he faces off with the Karate Kickin Dwarf. Will tapping out from being pummeled to the ground by a 3 foot tall dwarf be his most embarrassing moment? Or will Butch teach the Karate Kickin Dwarf a lesson? But first we will look what areas of life martial arts training contributed.

KKD: Do you contribute your martial arts training to your success of overcoming obstacles either in life or career?

Butch: I think a true martial artist can contribute training to every aspect of their life. If you are really serious about your training then you are going to eat right, party less, and do things that will help you be a better martial artist.

You also get used to setting goals and this is a very important aspect of bettering yourself.

KKD: If you could meet anyone from the past who would it be? Why? What would you hope to gain from this encounter?

Butch: I have been lucky enough to train with most of the great people in our sport, so I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head. However, I am always interested in learning from other talented coaches. I like to see their thought process on training and their favorite drills.

KKD: What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened when practicing martial arts or at a competition?

Butch: I think I am pretty lucky in that respect. I can’t think of anything too embarassing. When I was just starting grappling, I entered the professional no gi division at the Arnold Classic and I didn’t do too well. I hate losing in front of people but it was a valuable learning lesson.

I have made some mistakes but I am pretty lucky in the fact that it’s all been correctable and nothing too embarrassing has happened (at least that I can remember).

KKD: Based on your martial arts experience; if you were to teach me one thing what would it be?

Butch: I think we should probably work on something self-defense related. Everyone is different, so we would need to figure out what you thought your weaknesses were and go from there.

However, I feel like I have a lot to offer anyone and I would be open to helping with anything you or anyone else needed.

KKD: Have you ever sparred a 3 foot tall dwarf? If you have, how did it turn out? What was your strategy?

Butch: I can’t say that I have. I am 6′ 6″, so most everyone is smaller than me. So, I would have to use my same strategy of distance and movement.

KKD: That seems like a good strategy. We should test this theory soon. You should train for all types’ situations.

KKD: If you haven’t, how would you proceed to spar against one?

Butch: Well, since I am 6’6″ I would use my reach and try to stay away. However, I imagine that you are sneaky, so we would just have to see what would happen.

I would also hide the cameras so you won’t beat me up and give me one of those embarrassing moments I said I didn’t have. I think a video if a 6’6″ guy getting beat up by a 3′ one may go viral and I should probably avoid that…haha

KKD: I promise I won’t go too hard on you. I am slightly out of shape.

KKD: One last question for the blog: Have you ever traveled to Brazil to practice? If so how was that experience? If not do you plan to?

Butch: No on Brazil. I had a few trips fall through and now that I have a family I really don’t want to leave them behind. It just hasn’t worked out well but my instructor goes about every month and I’m always invited.

I’m sure I will go at some point.

On a related note, I did go on a cruise with the gracie family (Helio, Rorion, Kiera, Relek, Rener, Etc) and we trained every day on the way to Mexico.

Helio invented BJJ so it was nice to be with the founder training.

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