Year End Review of 2015


I started Karate Kickin Dwarf because I needed an outlet for my martial arts passion. For many reasons I am unable to participate in a dojo at the moment. So I decided I would share my experiences as a martial artist who happens to be 3 feet tall and has needed to overcome specific challenges throughout life. My goal was simple; entertain, inspire, and hopefully help someone along the way. I have managed to do all three.

Keep in mind when I started I was thinking that the only people that were going to read this blog would be my wife, my parents, maybe a friend or a co-worker. It turns out there has been over 1,140 readers from all over the world that have looked and enjoyed the material from this website. I have reached viewers on 6 continents. I am amazed when I reach people from countries that I didn’t even think I would reach. When I review my statistics and I see people from Russia have been reading my articles I ask myself “Hmm…is Vladimir Putin a fan of my site?” Probably not but someone in Russia is reading my web site. I find that amazing.  As an America and having a poor understanding of geography and find countries I haven’t even heard of reading my web site, I find amazing.

I had in mind to share a few “short” stories as a dwarf and as a martial artist. I wanted to share how I use martial arts to overcome the physical challenges I have faced during my lifetime. By sharing my story I have helped people with problems they have been facing and I have found that I am not alone in facing those problems. I was looking to inspire others. Then that idea expanded into me doing interviews or what has become Kumite matches with the martial artists. The idea is that I interview martial artist that have inspired me and others.

My goal for 2016 is that I want to continue having Kumite matches with martial artist and write about my personal experiences. I would like to try interviewing using different forms of media such as video recording or a podcast. I’d like to hear from the fans on what they would prefer. Another goal is that I want to post content on a weekly basis. I want to post pictures or memes, full length article, or videos. Again, I want to hear from the readers about what you would like to see.

Since you have let me share my stories I want to create a section where readers can share their stories about practicing martial arts or overcoming challenges related to disabilities. The story can be told from the perspective of parents raising disabled child or a person who faces any type of disability. The story can come from the person facing other forms of adversity. I will help you tell your story whether it is inspiring, funny, or serious. They can be about practicing martial arts or participating in another sport or a hobby. I just want to give the readers a voice. I will only post as much as you want me to share.

Finally on a personal note: I want to take a second and give a special thanks for helping me make this web site happen – my wife. She has been there to support my creative talents, provide ideas, and guidance. She believes in me. She is my biggest fan – next to our daughters. They are the reason why I strive to be the best at everything I do. Plus I am sure they are tired of hearing me talk about karate and jujitsu 24/7. I am sure they appreciate me redirecting my martial arts enthusiasm to another audience.

My wife is the one who taught me how to be a writer. Years ago I couldn’t write a simple coherent paragraph. I had to relearn how to write and communicate my thoughts. I love writing now. I am in a job where I do technical writing and research which has been a learning experience. While working on my bachelor’s degree I wrote 3-4 page essays at least 2 times a week. My advisors for my masters program were worried I wouldn’t be able to handle a 1,000 word essay each week. I laughed. I made straight A’s and managed to get a paper published.

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6 thoughts on “Year End Review of 2015

  1. Hi Larry,

    Just found your blog – it’s very cool and interesting! I couldn’t help but start to wonder what it would be like to spar with you and what kind of techniques you favour, etc? Couldn’t find anything about this on your site, but maybe it’s there and I just missed it? But as you’re asking for ideas of what people would like to see in 2016, that is definitely something I would be interested to hear a bit about – what works for you; what modifications you might use, etc . . .

    I learn aikido as well as karate, and we occasionally practice hanmi-handachi techniques, which is where the attacker is standing and the defender is kneeling. Here are a couple of random links I found on youtube, in case you’re not familiar with this.

    What do you think – does any of this parallel your own practice, or is it not really transferable . . . ?

    Best wishes


      1. Larry, I’m really sorry – just realised that the links I sent you have come out as big, embedded files on your web page. Did not realise that would happen! If you don’t want them, and if your editing software allows it, pls feel free to delete one or more – will not be offended 😉

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